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-33 Bargain-

Leaving this place is as difficult to solve a large puzzle. I took my chances with it and jumping opportunity to strike bargains.

Bye-bye everyone I met. Jan, Elle, Lucien.

I will bring you through the puzzle, Elliott. But in return you have to grant me three requests I have:

First you will release my father's soul from Hell into Heaven or a better afterlife.

Second that my soul will be cleared of every crime below there so will join my parents when I die. That Labyrinth isn't exactly the place I want to spend eternity in.

Third and last is that the puzzle box or any of you will ever return to my life. No more cenobites, no more bargains, no more deaths. I won this game, give me up already.

We'll see each others soon, Elliott. Remember that you owe me a big one.

((OOC: Dropping to pick RAY PENBAR this week. She won't reply any comment)).


-32 Bargain- Voice Entry

Jesus Christ... I can't cut a bargain with putrid jello that smells like hell.


-31 Bargain-

I can't believe it! People are whining about a rave? If was some of those crazy curses that control our minds or makes us fall in love or some shit... but c'mon a rave. I feel in my teens again.

The sticks have a purpose. Lightshows. Have you all been hidden under rocks?


-30 Bargain-

What I saw yesterday can't be right. It looked like a retarded sci fi movie and Elliott wouldn't do those things. Christ, what was with the fountain?

Cenobites keep pets? I never knew.

((OOC: Someone watched Hellraiser IV: Bloodlines :D Pinhead acts different around Kirsty, so she's WTF)).


-29 Bargain-

Well, shit.

Private to Elliott//Unhackable;

We need to talk. NOW.

((OOC: Strikeouts not there)).


-28 Bargain-

Private to Elliott;

Snow fight, I dare you.


We're going to make surveys at the Raven to know what our costumers seek and create themes. If you receive a sheet with the questions about your preference while waiting your orders, please answer it. Thank you.


-27 Bargain-


((OOC: Yeah I know I use that icon anyway! But yay teenager!Kirsty, pre finding the box! :D)).

-26 Bargain-

I didn't return to high school thank God. I don't know how would I fit in the club of people with many powers when I'm an uncool human being without a special ability. I would be alone in the clique.

-25 Bargain-

This curse brings out the scum of men, doesn't it? No better than uncle Frank was. Leave the children alone!

-24 Bargain-

The puzzle box's back and Elliott's back to normal. End of the world? I don't buy that bullshit and couldn't care less either. I'm not Jesus to be a martyr and die to save it.

Private to Jan//HackableCollapse )